1. How can you use shoes to complete your look?

    How can you use shoes to complete your look?

    Making a statement with a fabulous pair of shoes has always been a trend and could not be more exciting than it is today, when we have easy access to a wide range of shoes at the click of a button or tap of an iPhone screen. Shoes are wonderfully versatile accessory to any look and can really take a simplistic outfit and make it stand out in the crowd. All of us should have at least one pair of shoes from each of the following shoe categories in our wardrobes, all perfect in their own way when it comes to assembling the perfect outfit for any occasion: Wedges For The Office When it comes to office-appropriate footwear, it all comes down to what your office environment and dress code is like. Your footwear ultimately needs to feel comfortable and also look professional, which is why wedges and flat form wedges are such a great option. Wedges give more support than heels, making them easy and more comfortable to walk in, making them perfect for getting yourself to work and back with m

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    Boots have always been a wardrobe staple for every gender for centuries. From Chelsea boots, cowboy boots, snow boots to moccasins, boots are a catwalk favourite that constantly keep returning and being reinvented by our favourite designers. This cannot be truer when it comes to knee high boots, which have been dubbed as being the footwear of choice for the year ahead. Their versatility in being perfect for every occasion (be it work or play) makes them a wardrobe staple that you just can’t help but want to invest in for the coming year. Here are just a handful of ideas of how you can wear your boots, come rain or shine, for any occasion…. With A Pencil Skirt Wearing over the knee boots to work may be some people’s idea of hell, but there are some cool ways you can style out the look and stay warm and looking sophisticated fairly easily. With Some Shorts Another great summer knee high boot look is one which pairs boots with a great pair of shorts! A lighter hued b

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  3. How Have High Heeled Shoes Evolved Over Time?

    How Have High Heeled Shoes Evolved Over Time?

    Marilyn Monroe was once quoted as saying, ‘I don’t know who invented the high heel, but women owe him a lot’. It is interesting to consider where one of the most popular forms of women’s footwear came from, but it is safe to say that the development of the high heel cannot be linked to one person. The heel evolved over time thanks to technological advancement, music trends and a new found confidence when it came to fashion. Our latest blog post hopes to unravel the mystery surrounding the ways we have clad our feet with heeled shoes and will explain how they became such an important feature of femininity and female identity. The biggest turning point when it came to high heels occurred in the early 1900s when women first began to free themselves from having to wear corsets and layers of long and heavy clothing. As previously many women were forced to not show their ankles, their new found freedom meant they could begin going against the grain- here is where t

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